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Ocean of Games Best Pc Games Motorola tried it again 2011 with its webtop software program in getintopc and lapdock hardware,however it died internal 18 months. Microsoft struck on a comparable idea with its continuum function for home windows 10 cell smartphones, however the microsoft’s declining cellular fortunes don’t bode well for its future.

Ocean of Games

You could neglect apple attempting a few element this radical, too, so it’s left to android to pick out up the slack in ocean of games.

What’s andromium os?
Andromium os promises to create a computing device surroundings for android, permitting you to use all of your cellphone apps on a huge display display — much like how chrome os is now beginning to assist android apps on its computer platform.

Andromium os come to be initially released 18 months inside the past and in choice to being a wholly new running device necessitating you to root your android phone, it’s a long way in fact simply an app which you can download from the google play save and deploy on any android telephone.

The aim is to get the software program program to paintings with as many android smartphones as feasible (even though there are boundaries) imparting features like windowed apps, a domestic windows-like begin menu and drag-and-drop icons on the computing device.

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